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Hello and Welcome to my home on the Internet

I hope you enjoy your visit here. Please email me and let me know what you think.

A little bit about me. I live in New Town, North Dakota located in Western/Southwestern North Dakota.

I am an amateur radio operator, holder of a General class license. My callsign is KC0JPO. I have been trained in weather spotting when I lived in the Grand Forks ND area, and I have actually deployed as a member of ARES and SKYWARN.

My equipment consists of a Kenwood TS-440SAT for HF, an 80 meter dipole, an AVS-18 vertical, a Yeasu VX170 2 meter handheld, a DR140 mobile which also functions as my base VHF radio. I also have various older 2 meter radios as well as scanners, shortwave receivers, weather alert radios. My home station is also set up for with emergency power so that just in case, I am able to communicate.

I am an affilate station with the Military Affilate Radio System (MARS)callsign AFA8JP.

I am the ARRL Amatuer Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Emergency Coordinator for Mountrail County, and while there are not many hams in the Mountrail Country area, I do plan on being ready when the local, county, state and/or federal officials ever need to use Amateur Radio, because "...all else has failed". My vehicle is set up for VHF, CB and scanner, and HF operation.

I am also interested SWL'ing (shortwave listening) and hold a call from SWARL . I have cards from countries throughout the world and I am always on a quest for more.

To learn more about Amatuer Radio click here Amatuer Radio Relay League a national organization

I am also a scanner listener. I like to listen to aircraft, public service, utilities, etc.

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Any suggestions to make this page better are welcome. Contact me:

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