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Minot, North Dakota Area Frequencies

FREQUENCY       LOCATION                       DESCRIPTION            
155.790         Minot               Minot Police Dept (Repeater)
155.190         Minot               Minot Police Dept (Simplex)
154.445         Minot              	Minot Fire Dept (Base)
153.890         Minot               Minot Fire Dept (Mobile)
155.340         Minot               Community Ambulance Service
155.400         Minot               Community Ambulance Service
154.235         Minot               Minot Rural Fire Dept
45.080          Minot				City Engineering
453.200         Minot               Minot Park Board (Repeater Input)
458.200         Minot               Minot Park Board (Repeater Out)
453.750         Minot               Minot Park Board (Repeater input)
458.750         Minot               Minot Park Board (Repeater Out)
155.295         Minot               Trinity Hospital
155.325         Minot               Trinity Hospital
469.325         Minot               Dakota Square Mall Operations
464.325         Minot               Dakota Square Mall Operations
461.900         Minot               Community Repeater
										(various users)
										(including a security company)
458.350         Minot               Minot State University
453.350         Minot               Minot State University
152.450         Minot               ACE Taxi - Base
157.710         Minot               ACE TAxi - Mobile
452.050         Minot               MInot Cab
152.300         Minot               Cable TV of Minot (TCI,Inc)
152.840         Minot               Pagers
153.500         Minot               NSP - Work Crews
475.740         Minot               KMCY -TV Ch 14 (ABC)
162.400         Minot               Weather Radio
155.025         Ward Co.            Local Gov't
                                    	(Busses,Civil Defense,Road Crew)
155.805         Ward Co.            Local Gov't
155.430         Ward Co./ND State	Sherrif's Dept/State Radio Ch 1
155.505         Ward Co./ND State   Sherrif's Dept/State Radio Ch 2
										(These match up with ND State Ch 1 & 2 below)
										(These are the input frequencies to the repeaters)
										(and are also used locally as simplex channels)
155.370         Ward Co.            Sherrif's Dept Mobile to Mobile
155.625         Ward Co.            Sherrif's Dept  Ch 6  Sherrif's Dept Ch 17
154.370         Burlington          Burlington Rural Fire Dept

												North Dakota State Frequencies

154.905         ND State            Highway Patrol/Ch 1
154.935         ND State            Highway Patrol/Ch 2
155.475         ND State            Mutual Aid/All Depts statewide
154.085         ND State            Highway Patrol/Mobile to Mobile
                                           (Also car to aircraft)
156.030         ND State            Highway Patrol/Mobile to Mobile
154.295         ND State            Fire Dept/State Fire System
154.770			ND State			State Drug Units
151.055			ND State            Highway Department
155.880			ND State			Unknown

												Aircraft Frequencies

118.200         Minot               Minot Airport Tower
122.900         MInot               Minot Area Unicom
118.900         Minot               Minot Area ATC
119.600         Minot               Airport Approach & Control
121.500 		Used in all areas	EMERGENCY				
121.900         Minot               Minot Airport Ground Conrol
126.200         Minot AFB			Tower
118.150			Minot AFB
134.000			Minot AFB			Departure & Control
120.650			Minot AFB
127.600         Minot               Minneapolis Center
130.900         Minot               Continental Airlines
131.750			Minot               Northwest Airlines
122.200			Minot				Flight Service Station
117.100			Minot				VOR Navigation Aid

												Minot AFB
(With all the changes over the last few years, these may have changed)
138.075         OSI #1
138.175         OSI #2
138.325			Base Page
148.515			Maintenance A
148.545			Maintenance B
148.475			Maintenance C
148.450			Maintenance D
148.035         5th Fighter Squadron A
148.210         5th Fighter Squadron B
149.235         Base Fuels
149.325         Ramp Control
149.575         Commander's Net
149.525         Commander's Net (Minot)
149.350         Commander's Net Talkaround
149.535			Missile AWing Wide Dispatch (WSC, TCC,JCC,CP)
149.265			Missile BFlights A,D,F,H,K,N
149.475			Missile CFlights C,I,M
149.175			Missile DFlights B,E,G,J,L,O
149.375			Missile EConvoy
150.100			Rivet Mile
150.345         5th Fighter Squadron Operations
163.300			General Purpose
163.550			BISS Maintenance
163.4625		Base Security Police A 
163.5875		Base Security Police B
164.100			Base Security Police C
163.5125		Base Security Police D
163.000			Snow Control
165.0125		CE Services
166.200			COMM Sq
173.4875		HAZMAT
173.4375		Mobility
173.5875		Crash & Fire
173.515			Base Disaster Preparedness
173.5375		Base Disaster Preparedness
173.5125		Base Taxi
173.5625		Base Medical Net (A)
173.5875		Base Medical Net (B)
413.037         Base Transportation
418.562         Base Transportation
418.575			Base Transportation

CITY                      FREQUENCY (MHZ)      OFFSET      NOTE
								2 METER  
							146.76@				-
							146.97@				-			K0CLD  
							147.36				+			K0AJW  
							147.27							KB0DSW
							145.01							PACKET
						220 MHZ & 440 MHZ

MINOT                           444.10+
SUPERLINK						441.925/446.925
				This is a multi state link
			One of these is the in and the other the output

					(Note: Some of these may also be listed above)

Uni-Med Medical Center					463.925R
Farmer's Union Elevator					461.900R
   (Community Repeater)
Central Assoc. of Rugby					461.700R
Nodak Race Club							464.575M
Sky Dive North Dakota					157.605M
Minot Country Club						467.7625M
Dakota Boys Ranch						154.570M
Minot Rifle & Pistol					151.625M
International Inn						157.680BM
North Dakota Security Services			152.360BM
Minot Bus System						 44.56BM
Souris Basin Transportation Bd			151.865BM
Ace - Checker Taxi						157.710M
Minot Cab								452.050B
Mann's Automotive	`					151.685BM
Basin Electric Power Coop				153.425R
Central Power Electric Coop				 47.820BM
      Minot/Garrison					 48.02BM
Minot Telephone							451.450BM
    (now: SRT)
Montana-Dakota Utilities				 48.26B
North Prairie Rural Water				 47.74BM
Northern States Power					153.500R
Sears,Roebuck Inc						460.825R
Souris River Telephone					154.570M
US West Communications					151.985R
Verendrye Electric Coop					 48.42BM