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A List of Some of My Favorite Links

The ARRL: The National Organization for Amatuer Radio
For more information about amateur radio.
Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES
For more information about ARES.
Air Foce MARS
Information about Air Force MARS, of which I am a memeber.
The Weather Channel
A very necessary link for those who want to know NOW!!!..
USA Today On-Line edition
Get the news faster and it's free!!
Get your FREE home page here
You can find out where you are, and how to get there
A homepage for those who are (or know those who are..)
Homepage for the American Diabetes Association
Very good homepage to know what is happening nation wide with diabetes
North Dakota Affiliate of the ADA
Very good homepage to know what is happening within the state of North Dakota with diabetes
The Food TV Network
I love to cook (and eat) a very appropriate link

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